Rapchat: Rap Maker & Studio App Reviews

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Yo this app !!its lit !if you want to record and make songs that are bumping!,brah no lie this is the app for that !!ive been using this for over a year now!the updated version is a breeze to use!and if you don't mind hit me with a follow !@J-GHO$T you won't be disappointed💯


I love this app!! It's everything I was looking for and more. The only thing I don't like about it is it's a little buggy sometimes that's why the 4 star instead of 5


One minute not enough with free beat we need more minutes with free beats


Bruh I can’t even here myself can you help me here myself when I record my rap please

Doesn’t work with Bluetooth headset

Amazing app please add Bluetooth headset so I could use for better audio please


I love this app but here lately for the past week or so, I’ve been trying to record songs as “group chats “ which I usually me by myself just adding “adlibs” but once I lay down the foundation of the track this is where the problem comes in after the new update ... it loads up from 0-100% to let you know when the track is ready so after reaching 100% the app would just time out and close or if I’m luck and it does allow me to record a second time once I go back to it to listen after saving it , it it’s nothing there no beat no vocals no nothing I hate it man I recorded a track like 20 times man it’s crazy and annoying don’t get me wrong I love this app and this is one of the best music apps I’ve ever used however normally with Rapchat I find it that if there are any bugs or fixes it’s usually fixed within a couple of days after having the option to update the app ... so if anyone from “Team Rapchat” see this review or any other reviews pertaining to this problem I hope you guy can fix it .

Autotune and beats

Autotune is important for rappers and R&B singers because we need better Quality and I love this app because it’s getting me up there but we need more beats like every not a week we have to wait for them

not uploading the song to sound cloud

everytime i press upload to sound cloud it just buffers and actually doesnt do it. i deleted a bunch of storage apps. and it still doesnt work idk what to do because i want to upload a song and it just buffers for like 60 min

Great App

Love the beats, love the master mix. Vocals sound great here. Maybe add more mastering the finished product and y'all are on your way. Thanks Rapchat!

The Best Home Studio everybody!!!

Ay yo it’s G-Clef and I’m here to let y’all know man dis is the best home studio ever made thus far!! Rfrf. And brooo só much beats all of them are fire ! And u can spend money on the app too so that’s a plus . Yo this app is dope I don’t give a duck what anyone says . But yo download add me @jhazy and add other to it’s like one big rappers community them are my family we just out hea spitting our hearts some do it for fun and some do it big man. It’s lit!

@guafro_ great app

Really great thought invested in this app very nice way to stay social and express talent and also listen to everyone’s talent it’s a really nice vibe I use it frequently to grow in the app community so I recommend that people that like rapping and singing should greatly download it and get known !

Help me ASAP

So I signed up with fb long time ago and my phone was dead so I tried accessing the app from my laptop tried to login with fb info doesn’t work please tell me what to do I have several songs that I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO SMH...

Great App, still needs...

I use Rapchat all the time @Lil Jaeden It’s a great app, and it has a lot of potential for artists and producers alike As far as freestyles go, it’s amazing, but I would like to see a few features added in the future #1. Dedicated vocal layering, not just sending the track to yourself #2. More control over track volume #3. Track effects such as EQ, Reverb, and Auto Tune Thanks Rapchat team I hope you take my suggestions and continue to make your app the best!

Safe app

The transactions in the app are really safe and the app itself is reliable and trustworthy. I think this app is unbeatable.

Get discovered

Getting discovered in this app is a usual thing, but the best thing is that it gave me the big break to shine and have a fan base for myself.

Share to the world

The unique thing about this app is that is entirely made to make the unrecognized talents and share them with the whole world.

Pace control

I'm a fast rapper and all the beats in the app can be fastened up to match my pace of rapping, the setting of the app is really astounding.

Write notes

During the recording of all of my raps, I can write down notes on the drops of the beat and rap accordingly to it.


The in-app battles to reach the top of the leaderboards are just astounding and I get into different battles and now I'm on the way to the top.

Studio like

The recording system in the app seems and sounds really like it was recorded in a studio professional. The quality is amazing.

Rap lovers

Rapchat is an app not only for rappers but also for rap music lovers like me, it is just amazing. I get a chance to speak with rap celebrities.

The platform

The best thing about rapchat is that it is the platform for unrecognized rappers to shine with their talent being discovered by the people in the world.

Advices of pros

Every professional in the rap music industry are in rap chat and I can even chat with them to get advice on how to rap perfectly.

Different beats

All the beats in the app are really good and different from each other, all the beats are new and sound really professional.

Rap team

I can get together with people who rap and I can create my own rap band. Where we all rap and create new rap beats.

A dream come true

I think that this app is a dream come true for people like me who have the talent of rapping and looking forward to getting exposure.


Every rap that I do, I post it in the rapchat. there is no way anyone is going to steal my identity, the app is protected.

a big break

I get offers from studios asking me to sing for them, this app brought a big break to my life, all thanks to rapchat.

connects people

I think that this app has a great potential in connecting people who can rap and make the talents shine up in the air.

amazing battles

All the battles are amazing, I crush my opponents in the battles, the journey to the top in the leaderboards doesn't end now.

discover talent

People who rap should have rap chat and people discover your talent, I mean that is how I got to the top.

life changing

This app has changed my life it gave me the chance to shine and express my talent, it gave me the exposure I need.


I love the app and I’ve made some 🔥 using it. I recommend this app to everybody who wants to write and sing or rap. The only problem I have with this app is trying to share it on other apps. When I share it the picture shows up to play the audio but no sound comes out.

Really mixed/bad experience

I’m just going to keep it real as I can only do that...I thought this was a great app to grow a fan base but apparently not I’ve been on for a few months now and it has gone okay but it’s like they control your account and you follow people you don’t know and like things that you don’t like on your own. I rated them 5 stars at first because i was gaining an audience but now it’s ridiculous because it’s happened too many times now (remote access/rapchat controlling things) BUT a good place to record some music If you just love music as I do myself. I wish I could rate it zero stars at this point FR FR


When I get time to rap I open the app and start a beat and start rapping, I can also adjust the pace of the beat to my pace.

studio like

When I record my raps in rapchats, they sound like they recorded in the studio. it is that good. i like all the beats too.

chat with pros

I can chat with professional rappers, I can get advice and tips on how to rap better this is an amazing app.


I love all the new beats in the app, now I can practice different beats and get used to every beat in the app.

a fan base

Rapchat is the best ever app I have used in my life because it has changed my life. i have a fan base in rapchat.

Best rap app out there!

RapChat is one of the best apps to learn how to rap good. Just choose a beat. And you can customize however you want. And then sing and there’s a section where you can write your own lyrics. Promote your raps! And get them featured. There’s tons more that’s too many too mention. But it’s very much well worth 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pause while recording

This app is very helpful and convenient. But I have some suggestions that I personally think could better the app. Ya feel me? 1. I think you should be able to pause while recording. (Record a part of a track, then stop it. Then proceed to record the other part.) This would make it way easier to add more depth and make it quicker to record songs (I feel like this is a feature that people have wanted for a while). Also I feel like there should be more free beats available that are a little longer (2:30+) And last but not least there are a lot of bugs and issues such as the beat going away after you record a song and not being able to log onto your Rapchat account. These bugs can be very frustrating. I feel like fixing these bugs would make this app way relaxing to use. Thank you - (Young Niger - SoundCloud)


This game is awesome BUT I really what them to make it were we can make are on beats

No Adkins

I love the app but we can’t add our on Adlibs at least YALL NEED TO ADD AWAY I CAN OUT ADLIBS ON MY RECORDINGS AT LEAST please

live up for it

Rapchat has really helped me to move forward with my rapping career, I have given me my own fan base, I live up to it.

Don’t download

This app is like retared.

live rap

I can go live rapping in the app too. it is astounding to look at how the app record it even better in live also.

rap talents

It is just amazing to look how there are people with rapping talents around the world, I can also chat with them.

get followers

I record my all my raps in rapchat and post it on all social media to get more followers to open my own fan base.

pro- rappers

This the app to meets all the professional rappers from all around the world. i can also chat with them, what an app.


With rapchat, I can chat with the rap god Eminem and also other rappers in the world. it is just mesmerizing

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