Rapchat: Rap Maker & Studio App Reviews

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I hate it

Now I don’t know if my song I wanted to make with only my friends is out

The bugs on this app are hostile as hell.

I’ve lost so many quality tracks to this app man.. dunno if I wanna go back the tech support is nearly useless most days.

Good Beats

Works well other phones , Ive my iPhone 6SPlus for many years , RapChat worked fine with Bluetooth until I updated their software or apple’s software and now it’s been 3yrs and Bluetooth still so t work. It worked for the first few mo rapchat was new, then rapchat decided to cut me off. Does not work with Bluetooth for 3 years now

@Zom what's up I'm the update for he west coast those are dope sounds please release it already

What is the best head set to use for ipone 7


So I keep trying to do a solo rap over the song ‘Silent Nights’, and when I get done recording, either the song is delayed or my voice recording is starting too early. I’ve been very careful rapping and syncing with the beat, but for some reason it still keeps throwing my song out of wack. The song and rap aren’t parallel like they should be. I’ve tried to fix it by refreshing the song, reloading the app, and by trying different songs all together, but nothing seems to work. Please help!

Beat overlapping

The beat overlaps itself :( if you can’t fix this I can’t use this anymore!! Please fix it it’s not just me with this issue

a good idea

Good beats and a great idea! The logistics are where they failed though. Most of the time the app bugs so everytime i getta good verse its records it wrong, or plays the beat over itself. Extremely frustrating.

Vocal delay

Love the app tremendously but it’s almost impossible to use when everything I record has a vocal delay. If there is a solution to that I would be very thankful. I use an iPhone 6.

fix the recording please

i have a problem with the recording cause the beat likes to skip when im hearing my song

Social media

I wish it was a easier way and more sufficient to maybe own the beats and be able to upload to social media


The app plays the beat over the original when your done recording the song that u made

It’s still not working properly

I had two users I’m following sent me a collaboration song and they are not downloading properly at all. Plz fix this Asap and my followers are having this same problem. I’m feeling upset 😠

Great for Phone

Rapchat app is excellent for what it is. Just to be able to record without a studio is amazing. To be able to record on the spot practically anywhere is really awesome. Of course it’s not studio quality but just for developing skill and creating pretty good sounding music is awesome.

Awesome fun app to mess around with

If you like to freestyle rap this is for you

Great app, a real review.

You get to pick a recording and audio yourself rapping along. There is a notepad for you to write lyrics. It shows new users and users on the rise. It does disconnect frequently with your headphones. There isn't a way to adjust the volume and you have to shout in order to be heard on the recording. Overall, a good app to gain access to free beats and others you can purchase.

In Need of Improvements

This is a good app, plenty of free beats and simple and easy to use. I’ve found though that i can’t listen to any of my recorded songs on my account without struggle. They are refusing to play and I would love to hear my recording. For those who are wondering why I didn’t just listen to it before I posted it. I also had problems within the recording, where the track would start over in the middle of my audio and mix in with the track that was already playing. So I had two of the same track overlayed and playing at different times. So yes the app is good. A great way for someone to begin writing and practicing. It is also very annoying and doesn’t work as efficiently as I would want.

Cannnot Accept A Group Rap?

Really enjoyed the app, specially with the updates; however, recently i got an invitation from my buddy and it was no problem for him to accept the invitation, for me it just loads 100% and it closes without opening! Ill change my review after this issue has been resolved!

Would be perfect if you could edit and master recordings

This app is great. Me and my friends have a lot of fun with it. You can pick a beat, rap over it, and collab with any other friends as well. I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 stars because it needs to have an edit or master feature after you record the song. You can’t select a portion of your recording and copy/cut/delete it or edit the volume or anything. Would be perfect if you could do this, then record more on top of what you’ve recorded. He only way to do this is if you record as a group project and “collaborate” with yourself. Then you can do voiceovers and what not, but it shouldn’t be limited to just that. Since it is limited to that, I give it a 4. However, the app is still great so thank you!



more beats

they don’t got any of the classics :(( if u could add Big Poppa by B.I.G. that would b goood bruh they don’t even got Tupac or eazy E smh

Best App Ever !!!

I Love RapChat , But It Would Be So Cool If You Could Add Effects To Your Voice Like , AutoTune , Studio , Echo , Etc .... That Would Be Epic 🔥

Elevation Way 💯💯

This is just the APP you need to Download ‼️

Great Customer Support

I lost access to my old account and didn’t have the old email it was connected with. Emailed them to see if they’d give me access and they responded the same day and helped me out. Also have used the app since 2015 and they’ve made great improvements since love the app

Bug fixes, Too easy to lose raps

I’m losing raps and I’m not sure how because now the process is different..after you send it to someone they can’t listen to it because it won’t play

Music isn’t playing

I’ve made multiple tracks it won’t play after I save it and post it on my feed. Sometimes a few will play with I keep clicking on it but it’s coming up as having no sound even though it should.


Just wanted to say the app has improved tremendously since it first came out 2 years ago i recently downloaded it back and am going to start using more frequently the only issue I have had since re-downloading is when I send a rap in fb messenger it doesn’t play is their a fix to this or is anyone having similar issues I just wanted to get some feedback from friends I’m tryna promote y’all in the process

Great App

5 stars if you bring in an AutoTune feature and some vocals enhancements. Some people have figured out how to autotune their voices but it’s not through the app itself. Overall it’s a great app. I recommend to everyone!!!


Can’t find a way to make a beat

it has been saying error for the past 4 month

I’ve had this app about a year ago and I went to get it about 4 months ago. I opened it up and it said error. I thought that it could’ve been the WiFi so I took it to another location the next day but sadly the results were the same. Decided to get it again today but still says error


Great way to get out there but the collaboration feature needs to be fixed.

Great App.. One Problem.

Just got the app, I’m loving it so far.. Wpild be 5/5 but the app is so SLOW. No matter what. I can be on Data or internet. It takes ages to load anything. Other than the waiting forever to use it. It’s great.

Needs fixed ASAP

This app is a great app but ever since the last update when I try to do a group song (for myself-adlibs) it won’t open... it’s done that with at least 6 songs that I recorded over and over again... please fix this or tell me how to remove the old update


This app mess with your raps every time your bout to make something good 🗣. It delete ,chops up, and ruin recordings 🎯. There is no point to use this app anymore.


Very good app! Should have had this app available a long time ago. Wow love it. But hey developers.. I’m having trouble with the app playing my tracks and it is very slow app. My account has been erased a few times and I didn’t do it!!! Lol all’s good. But great app I’m pumped love it and wanna use the heck out of it!🔥🔥💯🤘🏻 but need that fixed tks guys. Great app. Please help tho tks🤘🏻🔥 jslag

Great App

So fun and easy to use just pick a track and let your imagination run loose!!


The beats and the voice doesn’t go together. I don’t know what happened it was fine before but now it’s all messed up.

Dear, Rapchat

The app is amazing with everything but if y’all would just add two which is ad libs or another verse you could like another track it would be better because it would sound like a real song and should also is for us to be able to add in our own beats

Love this app!!

Keep up the good work !!! I don’t think u should add auto tune. Being able to flow is an art It b awesome if y’all make it where we could pause or jus add 3 or 4 spot to record But other then that great app


Dopest app out there for MC’s that want an easy efficient way to record music and put it out there for the world to see 🙌🏽


The audio and beat don’t go together


Great for learning how to Freestyle or if you just love rapping in general! This app is great for those type of things but as far as winning contest or getting featured that’s less likely as they tend to like a few people they already mess with it...

Really mixed/bad experience

Okay, I know nothing is perfect and I guess it just takes time to get the whole experience together I couldn’t move on without saying that the Rapchat team was very responsive and quick within a few days a lot of things were fixed but I do recommend this app just be sure if anything is wrong to tell the team ASAP if you wish for it to be fixed because if they don’t know about it they can’t fix it... I wrote a bad review but I can’t be mad at all I love music and anybody else who does should download the app and help them to make it the best platform to record music and help grow your own audience if you are serious about it. I think In time it will be the go to app for recording music on the go!


Yo this app !!its lit !if you want to record and make songs that are bumping!,brah no lie this is the app for that !!ive been using this for over a year now!the updated version is a breeze to use!and if you don't mind hit me with a follow !@J-GHO$T you won't be disappointed💯


I love this app!! It's everything I was looking for and more. The only thing I don't like about it is it's a little buggy sometimes that's why the 4 star instead of 5


Bruh I can’t even here myself can you help me here myself when I record my rap please

Doesn’t work with Bluetooth headset

Amazing app please add Bluetooth headset so I could use for better audio please

not uploading the song to sound cloud

everytime i press upload to sound cloud it just buffers and actually doesnt do it. i deleted a bunch of storage apps. and it still doesnt work idk what to do because i want to upload a song and it just buffers for like 60 min

Great App

Love the beats, love the master mix. Vocals sound great here. Maybe add more mastering the finished product and y'all are on your way. Thanks Rapchat!

The Best Home Studio everybody!!!

Ay yo it’s G-Clef and I’m here to let y’all know man dis is the best home studio ever made thus far!! Rfrf. And brooo só much beats all of them are fire ! And u can spend money on the app too so that’s a plus . Yo this app is dope I don’t give a duck what anyone says . But yo download add me @jhazy and add other to it’s like one big rappers community them are my family we just out hea spitting our hearts some do it for fun and some do it big man. It’s lit!

@guafro_ great app

Really great thought invested in this app very nice way to stay social and express talent and also listen to everyone’s talent it’s a really nice vibe I use it frequently to grow in the app community so I recommend that people that like rapping and singing should greatly download it and get known !

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